It’s All About Relationships

I was in WV this past weekend. I know what you all are saying, “Chuck, you’re always in WV!” Well folks it’s a great place to be because as John Denver sang, “Almost Heaven, West Virginia!” Anyway, I was there spending time with family enjoying a fall tradition…making apple butter. It’s a long process, from cutting apples, to cooking them all day over an open flame in a huge copper pot, stirring the pot, and tending the fire. However, the end result is amazing…nothing like taking a nice hot roll and getting a big old swab of apple butter on it AND then gobbling it up! SON…THAT IS GOOD!

But the best part of this experience really isn’t the apple butter, but rather the time together as family…the building up of relationships. I was listening to Pastor Chuck Swindoll last week and he provided a highly insightful thought/comment on relationships. He basically stated, “Why is it that when your with people you love and are engaged in a time of fellowship with them, praising God with them and so forth. that you never want it to end?” The reason why is because God has wired us for fellowship…God has wired us for vital relationships. Scripture makes this all the more clear in Romans 5:8, “…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Everything Christ did was relational…the calling of the apostles, talking to the Samaritan woman by a well, feeding thousands of people, healing the blind and lame…dying on a cross to restore a relationship between the created (us) and the Creator (our Heavenly Father).

In THE END it is relationships that matter…enough said!

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