Opportunity In Difficulty

“You can choose to see the difficulty in every opportunity, or the opportunity in every difficulty…it is your choice.”  I heard this statement on the radio last week, and it forced me to pause and take account of my own situation.  Have I portrayed the right attitude to all those around me lately?  How am I dealing with the “difficulties” that God has allowed me to encounter? 

I put the word difficulties into quotations because people will react differently to the same set of circumstances.  This might be due to maturity, experiences, depth of faith, etc.  Bottomline, we’ll all respond differently to challenges that we encounter in our everyday lives.  And challenges are inevitable…we all experience them.  

Tough situations abound in our lives these days.  Curve balls in life come at us repeatedly and come at us fast.  We face hardships at work, experience difficulties within our own families, get dealt a devastating blow about health concerns, or if it’s just the relative state of instability around the world (natural disasters, war, etc.).  Any challenging situation, or a combined set of circumstances, has the potential to wear us down and stress us out.  Tough times inevitably cause us to lean on “something” to help us get through.  What is it that you lean on?

I’ve been leaning on God more and more lately.  I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but God has been working even more in me lately than ever before!  Some difficulties I’ve encountered lately have forced me to give up trying to solve my own problems with only what my limited mind can comprehend.  Would I have been forced to lean on God more and more without these difficult situations?  Was this God’s plan all along??

Take a look at James 1:2-4.  Have you been through any trials or tests lately?  Maybe God is challenging me with a situation now in order to prepare me to better handle a situation in the future.  Sometimes it might be tough to react to diversity with joy, much less to even worship God for it (see Job 1:20, where he worshipped God after all the adversity was heaped on him, Job 1:1-19).

Only God knows what lies in our future.  Now and forever, God is sovereign, and his plan is perfect.  Is God putting you through challenges today, shaping you and molding you so as to prepare you for what He needs you to do at a late date?…only time will tell.  However, we can rest in the fact that God is in charge.  If we can rest in this fact, does it take the pressure off (or at least reduce it)?  Knowing the fact that God is guiding our steps and presenting us with circumstances to build us stronger and mature us in the faith, we should open our aperture to be able to identify the opportunity in every difficulty.  What do you think?

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  1. chuck says:

    Great stuff Andy…absolutely spot on!

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