The Way It Is…REALLY?

As a child, I played the piano from the time I was 6 years old till I was about 13 years old…and I was GOOD at it. I used to play before my elementary school (students, faculty and parents) during our annual concerts. I know, you all want to ask me, “So Chuck who was your inspiration? Who was your favorite ‘piano man?’ Was it Elton John, Billy Joel or Liberace (I admit I loved him on the ‘Muppet Show’…diamond rings/rhinestones and all…Ha!) But honestly, my favorite ‘piano man’ was Bruce Hornsby. Bruce was (and still is) an incredibly gifted piano player, musician and song writer. In fact, one of his biggest hits was a song titled, “The Way It Is.” Sadly, I think this is a phrase that most of our society, including the body of Christ, has bought into. More so I think we have sadly bought into another line in Bruce’s song, “Some things Will Never Change.” Continue to follow along with me here…So I’m driving into work this morning and daily I pass a pornography/video shop. It has been there for the past 8-9 years I have lived in the DC/Northern VA area. You see, I know what pornography can do to a guy (and also to a girl). The root of the word “Porneo” supposedly comes from ancient Greek for “dark magic or black magic.” Hmmm…that’s pretty scary if you ask me! So I have started to pray that that place would: 1.) Close down , BUT 2.) The owner and everyone there would come to a saving knowledge of the TRUTH found solely in Jesus…who is LIGHT not darkness or blackness.
So I know you are wondering, “So Chuck how does Bruce Hornsby’s song, “The Way It Is” and praying for the dismantlement of a porn shop come together?” They come together as proof that we need not accept “that’s just the way it is and some things will never change!” As Bruce Hornsby would further go on to sing in the song: “DON’T YOU BELIEVE THEM!” Don’t believe that things cannot change, don’t believe that the ‘false idols in the high places cannot be smashed’, don’t believe that lies cannot be revealed by TRUTH, don’t believe that the proud, arrogant and haughty will not be made low and don’t believe that through Christ if you say to a mountain ‘throw yourself into the sea’ that it won’t happen! Folks, we need to start realizing who we are in Christ. Did you know 1 Peter 2:9 states that we are grafted into being “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation belonging to God?” Did you catch the fact that we are ‘PRIESTS?’ and what are Priests called to do…BLESS! That’s why the verse goes on to say, “…that you may DECLARE the PRAISES of Him who called you out of DARKNESS and into His WONDERFUL LIGHT!” So don’t buy into the Lie that “This is just the way it is.” Remember, who you are in Christ and through Him you are involved in ‘DESTROYING’ the works of the evil one (1 John 3:8) and He alone will assuredly make “ALL THINGS NEW!” And that my friend is TRUSTWORTHY and TRUE! (Revelation 21:5)

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  1. Dan says:

    Chuck, I have one word….WOW! Powerful message my friend. You are absolutely right…we can change…and that is not the way it is. Actually let me more precise. Jesus can change us…and redirect our lives to make all things new. Thanks for the reminder. And yes…we should be praying that that store and all of the other “adult” stores go out of business never to return. Dan

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