Facebook with Flesh On

Good morning campers! Like the old Boy Scout camping song says, “Rise and Shine and give God the GLORY GLORY!” I am writing EARLY in the morning here in our nation’s capital. With that said let me get started…I told you before I liked listening to the Beatles, right? For the past couple of days I have had the song “Eleanor Rigby” going through my noggin’. Most of you know the opening chorus to the song; you can probably hear John Lennon and Paul McCartney singing with a string quartet in the background:

Ah, look at all the lonely people
Ah, look at all the lonely people

Stop for a moment and think about the above words that were written around 40 years ago…we still have LONELY people all around us today. Let’s shift gears for a moment…While walking into my office (and having this song in my head) I all of a sudden starting thinking about Facebook. Now I am not going to knock against Mark Zuckerberg and his friends who help create Facebook. However, in allowing people to connect all at once virtually via the internet, Zuckerberg has solidified the concept of being able to connect with people ‘conveniently.’ I take some issue with this because I have to ask myself, “What sort of breadth and depth is there in a relationship if I can just turn it off or on by logging on or off of Facebook?” Did you notice though what I said at the beginning of this conversation…”Mark Zuckerberg and his friends who help create…” stop right there! In order to create Facebook, it was a necessity for Mark to ‘interact’ with people directly…face to face. No doubt that Mark and his friends ‘shared life’ together as they developed Facebook…through laughter, tears, frustrations, setbacks and victories. With that said folks I ask, “How did we lose sight of the necessity of intentional, personal relationships with people?” Building relationships is more than just ‘logging on’ and ‘logging off’; it involves YOU walking out of your house and walking across your neighbor’s yard and introducing yourself. It involves you being willing to be woken up in the middle of the night to watch someone’s children, during a blizzard, while a man takes his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver a new and wonderful little boy (and Yes, my wife and I did this for a friend during the 2010 ‘Snowmaggedon’ blizzard that hit the nation’s capital).

Folks, the bottom-line is that we really need to start being what I like to call “Facebook with Flesh On.” Jesus never ‘logged on’ or ‘logged off,’ He engaged people, got to know people, saw a need to be met and more so He reached out and touched people (physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc) Stop and look around, there are a LOT of lonely people out there; people in your neighborhood, at work, at school, in your own home, wounded warriors from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the homeless, the widow, the orphan.

Yes, it’s time to start being “Facebook with Flesh On”…following the relational example of our Savior…kickin’ it old school man!…tried, true and effective!

Press On! (Philippians 3:14)


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