Well Done Bill!

I once heard a quote from a Colonel that stated, “All days are good, just some are better than others.” For me, today is a bit of a solemn day as I remember a dear brother in Christ named Bill Lorge. You see Bill and I grew up together in NJ, having first met in the 8th grade. Today, Bill would have been 38 years old…his birthday is exactly a month apart from mine. We used to joke with one another as I would say to Bill, “Hey brother, Happy Birthday!” and he would say, “Your only a month away Chuck!”
Bill’s life from this side of eternity was cut short back in June 1993. Bill had just finished his shift, working at Friendly’s Restaurant. It was late and he was getting ready to ride his bike home across a busy main intersection in our town. As Bill was crossing the busy intersection he was struck by a police car responding to what would be a fake domestic incident call. Bill, like me, had just finished his freshman year of college. He had just got back with some friends of ours from one of Young Life’s properties, helping get it ready for the summer camping season…making sure the place was ‘perfect’ so other kids and adults could come to know what he came to know years before…” Salvation is found in no one else…only through Jesus Christ.” (Acts 4:12)
I look forward to the day I see Bill again…AND I know it’s for certain based upon God’s promises in Acts 4:12 and MANY others throughout Scripture. So in closing, here’s a chorus of a song we sang at Bill’s Memorial service. May its words ring true for you and yours…AND if you don’t know Jesus but want to learn more about Him PLEASE feel free to write back on this BLOG…would’ be more than happy to chat with you 

Michael W. Smith…”Friends”

And friends are friends forever
If the Lord is the Lord of them.
And a friend will not say “never”
Cause the welcome will not end.
Though it’s hard to let you go..
In the Father’s hands we know
That a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends

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  1. Dan says:

    No that is a Dash! Isn’t it amazing how people’s lives touch you….forever…

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