Do the words Holiness and Sacredness still exist in our vocabulary?

As I sat at my kitchen table (as I often do in the early hours of the week) I read from Ezekiel 40. In this chapter of scripture an angel of the Lord or our Lord Jesus Christ himself is discussing with Ezekiel the dimensions of the Temple of God. At one point the discussion specifically turns to focusing on the Holy of Holy’s, the part of the temple where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, where God’s glory resided and where the chief priest of the Israelites could only enter once a year for the atonement of sins of the nation. As I read this section I was hit with the question of, “Do we truly focus on the Holiness of God?” As I concluded my time of study in the Word with prayer, I prayed on the reality that God is not the epitome of goodness, He is Goodness, He is not the epitome of light, He is the Light, He is not the epitome of love, but is Love and lastly He is not the epitome of Holiness, He is Holiness.

As I then walked outside and hopped into my car to drive to work this was all the more affirmed to me as I looked out over the eastern sky. It had rained last night and all the pollen and dust in the sky had been washed away, revealing a crisp, sapphire/regal blue sky with the sun dawning on the horizon. Indeed it was magnificent! So my thoughts were then turned from God’s Holiness to the ideal of His Sacredness…with an acute attention to the question of, “Do we hold anything Sacred? Or deep down is everything just Relative?” Sadly, I think our society’s finger is pointed right on the Relative. We are a ‘toss away’ culture…from our marriages, to our children & babies, to our God given resources, to God given statutes that are good and have guided our existence (relationally, morally/ethically, socially, economically) for centuries…I don’t think I need to go on, because I believe you get where I am coming from.

So considering this discourse, I have to ask, “What are you holding/keeping/fulfilling as Holy and Sacred? Or do you/we just live a ‘Relative’ existence?” ABSOLUTELY take some time to think about it….

Press On! (Philippians 3:14)

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  1. Dan says:

    Chuck…great blog! Thanks for speaking out…sadly those words don’t mean anything in a country where we are chastised for standing for anything in the Bible. Unfortunately, everyone has been duped into believing that “if it makes you happy”, then it is correct. That is idiotic! Dan

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