The Bible…..A Mini Series (week 2)

Once again, I was very happy to watch part II last Sunday evening.  Learned a lot in two hours….quite a few items I didn’t understand before or completely forgot about.  What is impressive though is all the talk about it.  It is nice to come into work and have discussions about the series vice what the latest is about sequestration or gun control.  For me, gun control is all about sight alignment and trigger control….once a Marine, always a Marine.  That is an entirely different subject so let me get off that topic and back to the one you came here to read about. 


There is an article in the news today about the series and how Hollywood is being beat on Sunday night but a 5-part mini series on the Bible.  According to the artice, this one, two-hour episode but out any of NBC’s shows for the entire week.  Rather impressive for any show to beat every show on the network that killed Thursday evenings, “NBC Thursday” with “Seinfeld” and “Friends” for almost a decade.  If you want to read the article, here is the link.  Sacred myster: Blockbuster ratings for ‘The Bible’ confound Hollywood


Bottom line, if you want to learn about our Lord and Savior, it’s not too late.  The series not there yet, they are still in the Old Testament.  Episode 3, “Hope” takes us from Nebuchadnezzar, the birth of Christ and John the Baptist.    Watch it, I am sure you will learn something.




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2 Responses to The Bible…..A Mini Series (week 2)

  1. Dan says:

    Great post Ron,

    I think they are doing a good job, and we have to keep in mind that the goal of the producers is to steer people toward the bible.

    I think that they take some liberties….but again the goal is to steer people to the bible.

    YBIC, Dan

  2. Neider says:

    Can’t argue that point at all. I am just happy to be having discussions about the bible with people who wouldn’t normally talk about it.

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