The Bible…..A Mini Series (week 3)

Week three of the mini-series and I have some serious criticism….not at the show, but at my DVR.  I have the series being recorded and all was well.  Sunday evening I was doing something with my daughter which delayed me around 40 minutes from watching the show. I verified it was being recorded and continued working with my daughter.  Around 8:40 PM, I went over to the TV and started part three from the beginning, for some reason, right after Cyprus became king, the show paused.  Nothing I could do could get me past that point of the show.  I was around thirty minutes behind and if I couldn’t get the DVR to continue, I would miss part of the series.  After trying everything I could think of, except unplugging the DVR, I switched to the “live” version on the History Channel.  Timing was great; it was the birth of Jesus.  Not a bad place to drop in.


Once again, minus the 30 minutes, I enjoyed this week’s part.   I am continually amazed at how much they can fit in and keep the story of the Bible flowing is a two-hour time slot.  I can’t even imagine how difficult it was to decide which parts/stories were going to use. Which stories ended up shortened or cut out of the final five parts?  How to you take 4,000 plus years and find a way to shorten it down to five, one-hour and thirty minute (taking out commercials) episodes.  All that time put into series about seven and a half hours in length.


So far, in my opinion, they are making it work, and rather well at that.  As with the previous two shows, found a few things I didn’t remember from lessons, classes, church, or discussions with friends.  All these discussions over a book written almost 2,000 years ago.  WOW!!!





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