The Bible…..A Mini Series (week 5)

Sorry for the late post. One thing led to another and I just forgot to post on the 5th and final part of the series. Yes, I did enjoy it again. Are there differences between what I learned and what was portrayed in the series, yes, but I am fine with it since it doesn’t take away from the book itself.

This episode took us from the sentencing of Jesus through the crucifixion, the lives of the apostles Christ’s death and resurrection, and Revelations written by John after exile to Patmos.

Two hours was not enough for me and I wished for more about the lives of the apostles after Jesus. So I guess the writers/directors got what they wanted or intended from those who watched the series….I have to go back into the Bible and read/reread those sections/books I want to know more about.

I do plan to watch the series again but also read those sections of the Bible to fill in the gaps left by the series and also those books not really covered. It left me wanting more but that was the intent. Get people back into the Bible and back to God. We are all the “prodigal son” and the one sheep the shepherd looked for while leaving the other ninety-nine. Those critics of the series can pick it all apart for not following the version of their Bible or skipping over some books and focusing on others, but God is smiling; people are talking about Christ and re-discovering Him.

If one person comes to the Lord because of this series, it was a success.



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