The False Witness Will Not Go Unpunished – Proverbs 19:5

Looking at Proverbs 19 this morning; there is definitely a lot in there to think about. When I read through it, I try to make it applicable to something going on in my life, either with my family, friends or me. It isn’t hard to do, just which one smacks you in the face when you read it. Today it was Proverbs 19:5. “The false witness will not go unpunished, and he who utters lies will not escape.”

A few months ago, I had a discussion with a neighbor. He was upset because of something he was told by a fellow neighbor. Someone had told him we had complained to our community about something he had on his driveway. I told him no one in our house called anyone and what he had didn’t bother us. My wife had recent surgery and wouldn’t even have known about it since my wife had been pretty much stuck in the house. When I asked my wife, she wasn’t even aware he had the item in his driveway.

Well, I guess I was wrong and all was good until last week when our neighbor won’t even acknowledge my wife. Apparently, his is still mad that she called and reported him. I can live with it, but it really bothers my wife.

So, back to Proverbs and 19:5, who is the false witness?  My neighbor mentioned it to me, and I thought when I told him no one in our home complained, it was over. I now have a family member who is hurt by someone, we are not sure who it was, who told something untrue to our neighbor, who is essentially taking it out on my wife by not even acknowledging her presence. The false witness is clearly the person who decided to tell my neighbor that it was my wife who complained. Yes, in the end, they “will not escape” and there is some satisfaction with that knowledge. However, it is like the snowball rolling down a hill, my wife is hurt that someone told our neighbor she complained, but the pain is greater knowing that our neighbor won’t even acknowledge her because of the lie.

Oh, the kicker, in the end, it is he who is wrong.  What was in his driveway is prohibited by the community and he knew it when he parked it there.  So, in the end, my wife is upset that our neighbor won’t even acknowledge her presense, because of something she didn’t do, which was told to him by someone else, about him doing something he isn’t even permitted to do in the neighborhood.

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